girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
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Work politics

I could cry, to tell the truth. This place always goes on about how it doesn't understand why it has trouble retaining staff. Noone asks *me* though! I started hunting through my records today to see what the Dept thinks my employment status is - on the 30th my contract expired, I enquired and then my boss enquired and apparently the renewal was signed and waiting for processing and I would get it by the time I came back from Canberra. I've not seen any paperwork so I went looking. Apparently I got an extension through payday and that expires Thursday. So I queried this at about 9.30am. My boss has been chasing it all day and we just found out that ... they still have the form and are waiting to process it.

You'd think they would frigging at least email you and tell you that you are employed? I'm sitting here wondering if no news is bad news. What if I needed to prove that I currently have a job to say ... oooh I dunno, some other Govt Dept or a bank or something?

Grrr... I just do not like this place much at the moment.
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