girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


So the truth is, I hit burn out a couple of days ago. It's not so surprising and the losing the voice and days off work were also a bit of a giveaway. But for me, to really notice, my skin has to go. I've been genetically blessed with good skin. I don't really have to do anything and it's clear and good so when it starts to look serious blech, that's a sign I cannot ignore.

So I am trying to get sleep. Mosly I'm dead exhausted so that one's not hard - I had two other posts and a bunch of things I also wanted to get done tonight and Supernatural looks good but I think after this post I might crash for the night.

But the big trick for me is apples. Weird but true - my mothers's solution to bad skin and whilst it sounds like an old wives tale and may not work for you, unfortunately, for me, it works every single time. So I took myself off to the shops yesterday and realised, it's been more than 5 years since I ate an apple!! (Thanks to the Crohn's) And actualy, I have never really liked apples at all anyway. So I stood there trying to figure out which apples I should buy. I had absolutely no idea! (I bought Gala and Fuji but the Fujis are proving to be quite delicious!)

And that's my rambling story. I wish I was less sleepy and could get some reading done.
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