girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Yesterday really was odd ... and included:

- my sister calling me at 11.30pm to ask me if I would puppysit for a puppy that she isn't yet sure she will have by the weekend of Nov 8, but if she does, can I? (Come on!! Cute puppy time?! Of course I can!!)

- Kathryn telling us at dinner that our seats were in the front row - I HATE sitting in the front row, HATE HATE HATE (I DO NOT Do audience participation) - but that it was okay because she called and checked if there was spitting, or throwing of anything at the audience and they assured her that there wasn't. FOLLOWED BY 5 MINUTES OF RANDOM SPITTING for the last 5 minutes of the first half. DECORATIVE SPITTING no less!!! And she and I dissolved into fits of laughter. We could not contain ourselves. See why I hate sitting in the front row? Also, there was shooting in the second half and I was not actually very happy sitting that close to a (starter's pistol?) that dropped shells right next to me. I was a little worried about my eyes, to be honest.

- After the above, the night was just silly silly silly. We couldn't stop laughing at everything. And hence the Fidel moment in the corridor was just kinda icing on the cake

- popped into Planet before meeting Kathryn for dinner - wow!! When did that do *that* to it? I pretty much only go to Planet Books, cause that end of the store? mini complex? has robinpen in it. What more do you need? Cept he wasn't there last night and I couldn't find anything that I need :-( Will go back when he is there. But the CD end?! OMG it's awesome!!! So I found the new Ben Folds CD that I needed and whilst I was paying, this girl hops up next to me. Which I thought was odd and a bit in my personal space. And then she says hello. And I'm all, why is that girl talking to me? And then I realised it was Kathryn!! Who of course knew I was going to be there cause I texted her!!

- And I also texted Alex, who couldn't be there cause, yo, on the other side of the continent (waves to Alex)

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