girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

You thought I was joking ... more weirdness

Had to go off and host morning tea this morning - which I was buying last night at my local IGA to the sound of the owners having a raucous fight out in the loading bay. Awesome. And then I get to the counter and I'm idly daydreaming when I suddenly was jolted back to real life by my total being $62 after he had put through 5 items.

Me: Um, did you just charge me $42 for the baby carrots?
Him: They're $2.99 and you have 14
(I'd noticed him counting them but assumed he was checking if I had one bunch or two)
Me: $2.99 a *bunch*, surely?
He looks at me then goes through the options on his scanner and calls out three or four options, none of which say, "per bunch"
Me: Well I don't want them if they are $42.
But man, I have the biggest smile on my face, and try as I might, I *am* laughing *at* him. I felt kinda sorry for him. And for the IGA who seem to only be able to hire at the bottom of the class.

And this is the new puppy - OMG! am in love with him already. How sweet!!
And cuddly! And yes, he can totally sleep on my bed. Ooh, I'm gonna get right into this "aunt" thing.

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