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girlie jones

*blink blink*

Well, hello there blog! Gosh I have missed you!!

I am slowly recovering from an awesome weekend at Wastelands II: The Age of Iron. You know, the more cons I go to, the more addicted I get to them. I kind of want to go to three cons next year and the Aurealis Awards weekend already, as well as another con I might kind of be on the organising committee of, maybe. And I think that's what freaked me out at the end of last week - thinking about all those airfares and hotel rooms to pay for. You know, especially in this economic climate and all that. And that I should be saving for Big. Important. Things.

I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyway. I had an awesome weekend and I will wake up properly later today and do some proper blog posting about it cause I do have lots to say. But I need to talk to myself about cons - it seems as soon as I am at one, I default to very bad stuff - I forget to sleep, eat and drink water yet manage to drink copious amounts of alcohol and coffee. And feel crap for the entire time. Yet bouncy and overstimulated by favourite people in real life! It's horrible and I need to STOP and sleep properly and hydrate. Grr.

But ... IN OTHER NEWS!!!
- the puppy is arriving Saturday - yay! And I think that means I am puppysitting the following weekend (come past and have hugs if you want!)
- Colin Powell has endorsed Senator Obama for President saying he has the ability to be "an exceptional president".
- Summer is finally coming - can smell it in the air and it's definitely time to take a blanket off my bed. Last night I dropped past to see my Mum after the con and as I drove up the street at twilight, the smell of sprinklers on and the sounds just hit me as familiar summer. Took me straight back to being 9 or 10 when an afternoon spread out for hours and lazing about on my bed reading was totally what a Sunday afternoon was for (instead of, I spose, now when it's what I'm *supposed* to be doing and is thus instantly less fun!!)
- my Mum is cooler than me and has more specfic cred than me. I'm not allowed to tell you why, so you'll have to take my word for it :-)
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