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Vote for GUFF

Over the weekend at Wastelands, Kylie asked me if I would like to co-sponsor a morning tea with her (and Nora) to raise money for GUFF. I thought that was very kind of her and we (cause editormum helped lots) provided the hot water and coffee/tea like bits to the morning tea and Kylie provided the cakes and biscuits.

As far as I know, the morning tea raised in the vicinity of $60/$70 and there were a couple of votes cast for GUFF. strangedave gave a nice speech with an overview of the history and point of funds and also spoke on mortonhall and Trevor's campaign since they were not there. Kylie and I both spoke our own cases.

I think I've been a little hesitant to be quite forthright in my reasons and goals for running for GUFF. I think often being in small press can feel like you're not quite a part of fandom and I didn't really want that to take away from my campaign to be the GUFF delegate. But the opportunity to speak out in public a lot at the weekend about Aussie small press and the chance to sit and discuss it with writers, editors and publishers alike refuelled my love and drive for it. I spoke about that at the morning tea and I thought I would repeat that here. Since we all now know that I can bake cupcakes!

When I told my friends I was going to run for GUFF, one said to me that she thought that would mean that I would raise the profile and seriousness of Fan Funds. I wasn't really sure I knew what she meant by that but ... I am loud and I do tend to take things seriously.

My intention, if I win GUFF, is to work on building a bridge between Aussie and European small press. I would be enthusiastically looking to meet and talk with writers, readers, reviewers, editors, publishers and fans of small (and big) press. I would be looking to make connections to expand ASif! both in the reviewers side and in the material that we review. I would be taking our small press over to England to pimp and I would be looking for small press we don't get here to bring back with me. I would be looking to trade stories and experiences from the front lines and I would be looking for writers and new projects (let's be honest, I would be).

That's why I want to run for GUFF. And if that's the sort of thing you think the fund is here to support and foster, then you could support that by voting for me.

But the coolest thing, actually, is that in running in this GUFF race, I have already started doing the above. I have received emails and swapped information with people and have already new contacts and networks. And that's awesome because even if I don't win, I already have!

You can vote electronically or potentially in person: vote via paypal or post a cheque or money order or deliver cash in person to (Ang) ang dot rosin at gmail dot com or (Damien) Voting ends 24th November 2008 23:59 UTC. (Cost is AUS$10 or 5 Quid). Download a form here Or hit the paypal button to vote online: you'll have a chance to enter your ordered list of candidates. (Also whilst it seems candidates don't have to be, in order to vote you must have been active in fandom prior to June 2006)

But the thing is - you should vote for the candidate that you think will best represent Australasia. And you should vote because it's important; because fan funds are important. Fandom is about the mutual exchange of ideas and the passionate sharing of common interests. Fan funds allow us to do that across oceans and between communities. What an awesome idea and an amazing opportunity. Vote to support the race.
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