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For random_alex who was snooping on kathrynlinge and my comment thread a couple of posts ago.

NaNoXMo is for those who want to join in and slog away at a ridiculously ambitious project in November, that's not a novel. I'm going to be hacking away at editing, mainly, at Twelfth Planet Press. K is going to write a paper. You are welcome to join in and declare your own "X".

I will be itemising out exactly what I need to do to achieve the to do list that I sent K this afternoon when she asked me what I meant by "Editing". It's pretty crazy and spans, Shiny 4 and 5, New Ceres, the Biancotti Collection, slushing (novellas and Shiny), ASif!, Buffy blog and the TPP website. And LSS. I'm going to divide out the itemised to do list and allocate tasks to each day of November. And this will work for me like the 1700 words you need to write a day to do 50k in the month. And it means that I won't be able to fall behind (like you can't in NaNoWriMo).

Should be fun eh?
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