girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Mission Unsuccessful

I've been turning a blind eye but that is one mishap too many! Just nicked out to go get a cup of coffee and my heel of my lovely summer sandal broke - luckily I had a spare pair of shoes under my desk (because I am lazy).

I've got light bulbs blowing all over my house and so I am being plunged further and further into darkness.

Monday I popped home in my lunch break to pick something up and it wasn't till I got out of my car and looked at my house that I realised I had left my keys at work. Raced to my Mum's to see if she was there - she was and I was able to borrow my spare set.

Yesterday I went to the gym with A_ (and discovered I had lost weight from last week - yay!) and then after the session realised I had left my keys inside my building that was now locked. Luckily there was someone still working in the main building who had a set of keys.

I seem to be just stuffing up on things because I am not thinking properly lately. I mean yes, if I was an optomistic person, I would look at the above and say, but the message is that the Universe *loves* me and had backups for all the problems that seem to be arising. But I am actually very tired and worn out and a tad grumpy today. (I loved those shoes!)

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