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Afternoon ramblings

I've come home to work this afternoon - third day of unhappy Crohn's. However, all makes sense (oh hello, is it that time of the month already?) and this should be temporary, if unpleasant. Can access work emails from home and my day's work was reading a ton of documents anyway.

Probably going to hop in a bath soon since the pain has been bad this time - nice double whammy thing, which makes my Crohn's treatment a feminist issue :-) Cept I wanna take Cafe La Femme into the bath to read and not boring work. Must. Finish. Work. Reading. First.

TPP got her second bank account today. And I allowed the option for her to get her own Mastercard in the future. Sniff. My baby is growing up. Though it took a lot of reexplaining to the bank person that I didn't want a *credit card* for paypal but a *debit account* to transfer money *to*. Surely it's obvious that whilst we can all buy things online, someone somewhere must be selling the stuff?? Wanted to be like, "Look, I know what banking products I want, just type it all up for me, I don't need you trying to find me my best option." Grrr... banking drives me crazy. And I think it's still not quite the right product.

My favourite bit though was when she tried to sell me Superannuation and was showing me that their products are selected by "global leading investors". I said, "well that's not really that much of a selling point right now, is it?"

She was not really all that amused. Neither was I - how does it take 30 minutes to open a new bank account when you already have a ton of accounts with the same bank?? I hate banking. Though now I have my first shiny cheque book. I never had one before and I kinda think they are old skool but some old publishing establishments prefer to deal with the old paper and pen type transactions so I thought it was good to at least have the option.
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