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So I took Cafe La Femme into a lovely long hot bath! I am just loving this book - it's going to be a huge hit and you want a copy (if you love your chick lit!!) as soon as it hits the shelves, trust me.

From Pulp Fiction Press:

It introduces Tabitha Darling, policeman’s daughter, professional cook and amateur detective, who’s finding love (and trouble!) in Tasmania. It will debut later in 2008 - stay posted for updates.

It's funny, it's chic, it's hip. It's Tansy Rayner Roberts at her best - murder, mystery, hot boots, hot boys and delicious food. OMG, the food! I am starving every time I put the book down! I want this cafe near *my* house!

Gotta go - still have lots of book to go! Yay!
Tags: reading, tansy rayner roberts
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