girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Whew! And now for my next trick!

Finally am sitting down in my house and ... about to get cracking working.

Been a busy busy day. Was supposed to sleep in which meant waking up at 8.10, isn't that always the way? Answered emails and caught up on blogs. Headed out at 10ish to meet jonathanstrahan for coffee. Had a lovely time - we chatted about all things short story-wise 2008. Then I floated my current crazy small press idea. He laughed. He scoffed. Then we workshopped it and he left me mulling over something far bigger, far crazier and far riskier (but possibly way more fun). I am going to spend the rest of the evening hauling small press ass and seeing if I can remotely make numbers and schedules work (I'm not sure that I can).

Ended up running 15 mins late ... got to my mum's 30 mins late. We went errand running and I got all but two items on my list done. I now own my very own iron. Now I just need a board. And I need to get a proper looooong broadband cord thing to move my computer out of the kitchen. Finally.

By then I was running 1 hour late. I rushed to afternoon tea at old school friend's place. Did our 6 weekly catch up and then rushed off to personal training. Which was bracing. And I am nice and sore all over now.

And now? Now I need to make dinner. Clean up my house. And make small press miracles happen.

That's in exchange for piking on catundra and the Pride Parade tonight.

Now ... where did I hide all that slush?

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