girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


So if I am sitting as far away as I possibly can from the neighbours across the road and my ears hurt from their music, then it must be really loud then, huh?

Oddly I have gotten a lot of work done tonight. It didn't look promising at 6pm but I think I have kinda gotten some motivation from somewhere and nudged a bunch of things forward.

It occurs to me that technically its 10.41 already and um ... I was up till late with Cafe La Femme last night and I kinda want to finish it tonight ... might nearly be bedtime (but oh the loud music!).

I am starting NaNoXMo early. I have almost put together my to do list and I started working on things tonight. Cause ... in truth I have more than 5 weeks worth of work and it all needs to get done.

Also, I bought an elephant figurine today. *shrugs* My mum said elephants are lucky *shrugs*

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