girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

In other news

Boss totally must have misunderstood that when I was asking to do more work to do with my skillset, I met *job promotion* to the job that is empty, has been empty all year, requires ... oh *my skillset* and for which I already DO the work for. Cause just now he said to me "you know how you asked for [skillset work]? I have a project I though you might like to take on."


Conversely ... I got offered a job at yoga today from a manager in a different section. At the time I was thinking that that job was even more up the river with the devil than this one ... but sometimes it's about how you are treated *in* the job, yeah? Gonna think about it.

And more .. that COB deadline? Just got a "thanks for your response in a timely manner" email. Fuck off if they hadn't been calling my manager all day to make sure it comes in today. No chance to even have met that deadline *on my own*

Must be home time. Or time for an apple. Or something.
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