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Announcing Submission Rec Service

A few people have been asking me about offering a service to recommend which markets they should be submitting their stories to so I thought I would trial something for the next 3 or so months. You know, in the lull for Last Short Story :-)

Submission Rec Service
Terms and Conditions

Submit your short story for consideration to .
You will receive a submission number and an estimated turnaround time for your response.
I will consider short shorts, flash, short stories and novelettes.
I will consider science fiction, fantasy, horror, new weird, steampunk, slipstream, specfic YA.
I will work on a two week turnaround initially.
Once I have read the story and written up the recomendations, I will invoice you $10 per short story via paypal.
On payment I will forward you the recommendations.

The reading period will commence November 15, 2008 and run through to January 31, 2009. However, I will accept short stories from today.

I will read your story and offer you a list of 5 recommended markets that I think might be suited to the style or theme or subgenre of your story. These 5 markets will be ranked in decreasing order of payrate.

I will not be providing comment or feedback on the story and I take no responsibility or surety of a sale. I will provide a list of potential markets that you may not have considered, based on my Last Short Story reading for 2007 and 2008.

Proceeds from this service will be going towards future Twelfth Planet Press projects.

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