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Finally sitting down

What a crazy day! Why is it that I can never sleep in when I am actually allowed to? Up at 7.30 this morning, wide awake (never on a weekday though) and off running errands by 8am. Met my mum and her friend for breakfast at 9am. Met the new puppy, Tilly, at 9.50 (OMG she is so CUTE! And little!!) and at the hairdresser's by 10ish. Out of there with dark, straight hair by 12.30 and off and running for things I needed at the Galleria. Home by 2pm. T rocked up with kids. Then family. Then all gone by 8pm and then I baked two veg pasta bakes (one for tomorrow and one for me to freeze). Shower. Dinner. And now it's 10pm and I can finally sit down and check my email.

Soon hopefully the panadol with kick in.

Important things though - I auditioned 2009 diaries. Noone really made the cut so I will hold a second round next week but ... that's crazy! Normally I buy my diary in March, cause I'm cheap. But I am already booked well into December already so ... should get prepared for 09 and I want to get ahead on things.

I also bought a long cable and ..... just moved my desktop PC into my STUDY! My kitchen benchtop is finally FREE!!!!! (That's probably only relevant if you've been to my place but still... a BIG DEAL!)

I quite like this HIGH INTENSITY month. I dunno if it's my attitude or if it's the list or if it's momentum, but I am really getting things done. I'm kinda interested to see what my life looks like at the end of November. I reckon it'll be a lot different to now. And I was shopping for Christmas Cards today cause ... yeah ... it's time to get cracking on that list and I remembered how nice it is to feel on top of things and ahead. And I'd like to operate that way across my whole life - that's the goal I am working towards for the end of November but I think the trick is to start somewhere, get on top of that, run that for a while and then slowly look elsewhere that you can do the same. Like everything, *I* think that you can't get ahead until you are up to speed across the board but, like everything, it turns out baby steps, one at a time, will actually get you there faster.

So ... did YOU write 1700 words today? *grins*
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