girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Some guys are *unbelievable*!

Remember archaeologist guy from RSVP - it's okay if you don't, it was a while ago now. Heck, I only remember cause I had the most inane IM conversation with him in which he graded, I guess, are compatability against like ... what kind of wine I like to drink etc ... and then happened to be renting off a friend of a friend of mine and told her that he was "quite choosy".

Well he just contacted me cause I guess he saw me online and is bored. *Honestly*. Some people need to get the hell over themselves!

Still, I am amused.

ETA I just told him I met someone cause ... well, hell, I ain't nobody's leftovers.
ETA Oh good, now I am coaching him. Awesome. /sarcasm

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