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Sore head

Have been nursing this headache for days - it's referred pain from my back and neck. I think I will finally just bite the bullet and go see a physio. On the upside, I have been taking painkillers before bed and having really interesting dreams. Last night's I was at some kind of sea world thing and we were sitting at the end of the main pool and some sea rays came over ... cool. Yep. Fine. And then some large cats swam over - as in like, a cheetah and a leopard. And then a large dog - like a labrador. And a snake. And we were all fascinated at these animals swimming on the bottom of the pool til I realised that was a wild large cat and all it had to do was jump out at me and I would be torn to pieces. So I got up and stood behind the glass.


That's drugs for you.

In other news, TODAY IS THE US ELECTION and Saturn opposes Uranus. Not sure if the two are related. But ... Today, Tomorrow, we shall FINALLY know the result. Thank goodness - this has felt like a 2 year campaign and I have felt every minute of it. Course, what the hell will we all talk about on Thursday?

Last night I got invited to a sort of last minute type pub thing cause mondyboy was in town. Really nice local pub and the food was not too bad. crankynick organised it and was in fine form. I am somewhat older, wiser and now more jaded than I was yesterday morning. The world seems crueler and more harsh. Someone send pink butterflies :-) Was good to catch up with everyone - robinpen, punkrocker1991 and lyzbeth and a couple of other non blogging types. I got grilled on the boy and complaints were lodged about lack of namage so ... here it is. I will now reveal his initial - J - and will refer accordingly. Okay? Sheesh! I also got caught up on fandom history - man so much to learn. Will I ever get the full rundown? Anyway. Much laughter and merriment. Was a lot of fun and I had a really good time.

And for some bizarre reason a new tally:
Emails in my inbox when I started the day: 114

I don't know how many I receive in the day but I try my best to deal with most or all of them as I get them. So these are like, things that require work to remove - slushing, editing, administration. Blah blah. My goal for November is to get back to a level of 40 or so and live there for a while.

And somewhere I have my High Intensity month tally. Will dig up and post separately.
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