girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Confessions from the Slush Pile

I have a confession to make. It used to really really annoy me when writers would ignore the submissions guidelines to my projects and would try and submit things outside of what I was clearly looking for, as though I wouldn't notice. Or that I would like it so much I would buy and print it anyway.

These days, I secretly look forward to and enjoy stories outside my guidelines. Because it's a quick rejection and delete and a tick off the list. Love them!

My current favourites:
- stories set on Earth in the current time period for New Ceres
- stories with no young adult characters *at all* submitted to Shiny

Yes, there is a hidden message in here to carefully read guidelines before you submit to calls for submission - otherwise you are just wasting everyone's time.

Tags: editing, twelfth planet press
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