girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Cheap fuel hurts my brain - can no longer think through fuel maths

This morning I stopped in to fill up my car and had to prepay at the particular bowser I was at. So I go in and notice that since it was $1.21 a litre, I'll get $50 cause it will last longer at a better price. Or something.

So I go in and pay. And then I am standing there idly daydreaming cause it's like 8.30 in the morning and my brain doesn't formally switch on until close to 10. Suddenly it clicks off. And I look up and I have only put in $42 so I think, geez that's weird and try to put in more fuel. It doesn't occur to me till it's spilling out of the fuel tank that ... hello! It's FULL! Huh, thinks I!

So I clean up the mess and go in to get a refund and notice that the two servos have been standing at the window watching my pitiful display. "I'm not used to fuel being this cheap!" I quip - which is funny cause a) I couldn't do the fuel maths where less would equal more cause when was the last time that was true and b) we live in a world now were $1.21/L is cheap fuel.

I remember the days when ...

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