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End of week wrap up

I think I shall call it a night. callistra came over tonight to write her 2000 words. Was really good actually as I was so wanting to shower and climb into bed at about 6pm and instead worked on my study whilst she wrote in the dining room.

My study is a bit like my list. Completing or sorting or tidying up one bit opens up pandoras box on the next bit or something else entirely such that even though I am actually making progress, it's not really obvious to the untrained eye. Thus, my study looks as disorganised as it did this morning and only I know I made significant progess. I guess at some point, there will be an end. Right?

The other annoying thing is even though I like to think big, I never actually start out with systems in place to deal with the big and always intend to go back and overhaul when needed. Course by the time they are needed ... it's well overdue and the thing that needs overhauling is big and unwieldy. So... yes ... I am currently reorganising and putting new systems in place for ASif! You'd have thought I'd have these by now but no ... Grr.. Anyway. It's possible that will all be sorted by the end of the weekend, finally, and should mean all kinds of admin related aspects to the project run more smoothly. And that would be nice.

And so my to do list for November status looks like this:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
39 / 199

I think I am supposed to be at about 45 tasks done by now ... we'll see if I can make up ground over the weekend. Am stuck at home with the puppy as of tomorrow afternoon so that should ensure that I have the time, in any case.

Tags: asif!, nanoxmo 2008
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