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Hve put doggie to bed and am holed up in my bed with a glass of port and some choccies. Got almost no work done today and now I am exhausted!

On the other hand, she really is a good little thing. It took an hour and a half of being outside before she finally went and did her business outside but that was yay cause no cleaning up inside. And I did some weeding - and she helped me. *shrug* Dog likes weeding. Weird.

Then she hung out with me watching Sex and the City and when I put her to bed in the laundry, she didn't even cry. In fact I started to worry what she was up to so I spied on her and she was ... just sleeping! Good little thing.

So now... my emails. Spose I could get to work on those.

Had a great catch up with battblush this morning. More food for thought for me. And we drank AWESOME coffee. So so good! Then I met my friend from work in Mt Hawthorn and I got served *the worst* coffee ever. Am I becoming a snob? I sent it back - it was yellow around the rim and it kinda tasted funny. And after Coogee... are we ever going to just shut up and eat/drink what we get served again? The second one looked just like the first. I wondered if they even bothered to remake it. I ordered a skinny flat white - I'm familiar with the beverage. I don't think it's supposed to be yellow? Anyway. I didn't drink it. But was intrigued by the bookendishness of the best and worst on the same day. And that place is a good place. I've had great coffees and meals there before. They didn't charge me for it, but really? Am I going to go back? Given the enormous choice of cafes around these days?
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