girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Where to start?

I was hoping to sleep in this morning. What was I thinking? By 8.30am much had happened, including having to give the puppy a bath. hmmmm .... yes... unimpressed. Now of course she is sleeping upside down on my lap whilst I get a crick trying to type on my laptop - she was shivering and cold and so I felt bad. My sister should be here in an hour to collect her. I had a bunch of plans for errands I was going to run this afternoon - I think I might have a nap instead.

I've been having editor's block - unable to send out rejections. It seems and feels ridiculous but I have been held back by this for the last couple of days. But I have to get the inbox sorted today and I am supposed to be far further along on the tasklist than I am.

Ahh .. the smell of wet dog.
Tags: puppy
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