girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

By popular demand!

I tried to take some puppy snaps but she pretty much would only pose for me to line her up in the camera and then by the time I took the snap? Gone!

So consider these an interpretation, a photo essay if you will, of Tilla, our new puppy.

In other news, despite having the puppy here and whatever, I got a lot done today - went grocery shopping, cooked one meal which should give me a couple of frozen meals to stock up, made banana bread only to find I don't have a bread tin to bake it in!, did ironing, finished a pair of socks, sent some rejections, sorted some ASif reviews and review copies. And I am still enthusiastic. I should get a bit more done tonight so I'll post my tally right when I am done!
Tags: puppy
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