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The Bali Bombers were executed this weekend gone. I just read the piece that have up:,27574,24626276-401,00.html It's an odd one - all moody and atmospheric with descriptions of a starless sky and a big moon. Is that an attempt to make it more poetic?

I'm against capital punishment, as a Jewish person and as a pacifist. And as such, I'm not joyous at these events. As Australians we don't agree with the death penalty and we campaign other governments not to execute our citizens when they get charged with offenses punishable by death in their countries. And as such, I've been feeling very uneasy and a bit sick watching the news coverage this weekend of Australian responses to the executions. I didn't lose anyone and I didn't know anyone hurt or killed by the bombings. Maybe I would feel differently if I did.

That said, I'm kinda glad that fucking grin has been wiped off the face of Amrozi. I have wanted to smack him across the mouth for 6 long years. There's no grace in the way he reacted all along the way. Fine you have your beliefs, they're not what the rest of the civilised world consider appropriate but you know ... at least don't grin like a fucking cheshire cat who got his milk, joyously indulgent and overimpressed by yourself and and what you did.

But what got me was this "we're gonna die martyrs" thing - which, if it was a religious thing, why not choose a suicide bombing? Isn't what Gpd thinks more important than being news cycle celebrities? Then they lapped up the 6 years and rejoiced at the death sentence till it looked real and then they appealed. Why appeal? Didn't they want to be martyrs afterall? And then ... it seems, Amrozi, the smiling assassin, was scared to die - was pale and afraid they said - when he was about to meet his fate. Not quite so sure what your Maker is going to say?

Mostly, I feel relief at the executions - that this will no longer be part of the news cycle. And that I don't have to look at Amrozi's smiling fucking face any more.

Was the outcome just? Should we have objected to the punishment? Will there be retaliations? Can Bali come back from this?

All questions to be answered in the history books, I guess.
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