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Where I'm at

I'm about 10 tasks behind but hopefully they will fall out at some point since some tasks are bigger than others and are in progress. It's kind of exciting really. My to do list is all the hideous tasks (and more) that I have been avoiding doing all year or really need to get done by the end of the year. And as momentum gains I'm starting to do tasks I have seriously put off for ages and I'm like - why? This took a total of 5mins and was an email I had to write or a payment I had to transfer or whatever. I put off the funniest things and get such mental blocks on the silliest of things. For no reason. This afternoon it occurred to me that if I keep going on this, I could very well go into 2009 with a clean slate, with no carryover and nothing to feel guilty and bad about - I can hardly imagine what that feels like.

And my goal total keeps growing - which reminds me of when I worried what would happen if I got everything done. Seems as soon as you complete one task, it spawns 3 to 5 more so probably I will be fine!

Hope your NaNo is going well too!

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