girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Where everybody knows your name

Firstly, I really do put off the most ridiculous of things. And when, after 6 months I finally do them, they take like 30 secs, require one phonecall to an unbelivably helpful person and then they are sorted. And I'm left staring at the phone receiver wondering why that took 6 months and an enormous amount of self mustering and loin girdering to get it done?


Secondly, I got coffee and lunch from the Crazy Man today cause sometimes you're having a rough enough time that it's nice to have the crazy barrista call out to you in the middle of the store and double check your order cause normally you order skinny and today you forgot.

Work is madness. Let us not talk of it. Am in a deep hole and people keep filling it with more sand and telling me it should be deeper.

Life is hard going at the moment. But that's okay - it's just hard. And it's made all the better by finding text messages and emails checking in with me and wishing me a better day and by work emails like "we have cake for you in our office" cause you missed morning tea due to stupidly long and pointless meetings that only depress you because the world is so fucking inefficient.
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