girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Heh, I just told editormum that last night I dreamed she had a baby dragon, like as a pet. She was chasing it around all the time and it was fluffier than I'd expect a dragon to be. T's response was "wow, your dreams are awesome right now."

That was in and amongst the stressful dreams I had in which I lost my keys and so my doors weren't locked and people came into my house whilst I was sleeping. And there was a hand smacking the window pane against the darknes of the night that creeped me the fuck out and I had to properly wake up before I could go back to sleep and not fall back into the nightmare. I also went to some enormous lecture being held in like an American football stadium in which the Treasurer of the World was delivering a speech on the state of the world finances and one whole wall just had the stocks and the constant flickering numbers. And something to do with my seats ... can't remember.

Tags: dragon, dreams
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