girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

So editormum has spent the day painstakingly building up the TPP website from scratchish. It's not our final goal product but it will be a good stopgap working measure for handling sales and for access of submission guidelines and project status notices and so on. Anyway, this has meant that she has spent the day going through most of my other websites with a fine toothcomb.


Anyway, so she's going through ASif! which admittedly there are parts of that are a bit dusty (website upgrades are on the Nov To Do List) and she's objecting to the listing of a particular email adress (for logistical reasons).

T: Can we use [diff address] instead?
Me: No that goes to Kathryn - she deals with all my hate mail.
T: *blinks and stares*
T: Do you *get* a lot of hate mail?
Me: I dunno, I used to
T: Maybe Kathryn shields you from it
Me: Maybe so, maybe so.
Tags: asif!, twelfth planet press
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