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On rewrites

About a year ago now, cassiphone wrote me a story for New Ceres Issue 3. It's called "Prosperine When it Sizzles". It's a great story - saucy and naughty and moves the New Ceres world along just a tad. She picks up on the La Duchesse/Pepin pair and has yet more fun.

It's a great story but since we had time, we asked her to "up the sexual tension" in the story a bit, among some other things. So, recently, she sent the reworked version back as it is now going to be in the anthology instead.

And I'm in the bath (which is where I seem to be slushing for this project), lazying back and sipping a coffee in my bubbles and suds (which are not actually unrelated to this particular story) and I come across this:

Damn it, my cock had hardened. I was a bare inch from brushing his hip with it, which would hardly be conducive to civil conversation.

Which, you can't argue, certainly *does* up the tension.

It's just that ... she keeps throwing stuff (and I mostly just mean the "c" word) like that into stories she writes for me - I refer to the shower scene in her story in 2012 - and it makes me blush! Not at the word but at *Tansy* using it!!!

Anyway ... just the average day working on New Ceres.

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