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I knit socks for a Harper Collins Voyager Author!

(I need that as a bumper sticker)

So ... finally I can bounce and squeal in public as cassiphone has finally revealed that she has sold her Creature Court Trilogy to Voyager. Book 1, Power and Majesty, will be out in 2010.

Aufleur is a city of honey cakes and festivals, where the aristocrats are beautiful and the artisans are hard-working. But there is another Aufleur lurking below the surface, a dark world of painful, seductive powers, where the Creature Court - a handful of tormented shapechangers - are all that stands between the city and the terrors that fall from the sky on a nightly basis.

Velody the dressmaker was destined to be part of that darker world, but her life took a different path when a boy called Garnet kissed her and stole both her magic and her memory. She has never even heard of the Creature Court.

For most of his life, Ashiol was Garnet's friend, comrade and loyal subject, but he has spent the last five years in exile, trying to forget the man who betrayed him and crippled his powers. He still has nightmares about the Creature Court.

When Garnet is killed in battle, the magics he once stole come crashing back to their former owners, with damaging consequences. The Creature Court are left scrabbling to find a new Power and Majesty to take Garnet's place, leading them into battle and defending the city of Aufleur. Their choice is between Velody, who knows nothing of their bloodthirsty world (and likes it less the more she hears), and Ashiol, the broken former favourite who has good reason to hate them all (and plans to get the hell out of this city first chance he gets). If the reluctant candidates don't resolve the succession soon, the ruthless Lords of the Creature Court will take matters into their own hands.

Things are going to get messy.

Now, I asked her, very tentatively if *I* would like this kind of book and she said to me, flappers? naked boys?, you'll love it.

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