girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Things - in no apparent order

1. J came round last night. He was feeling sorry for himself as he dealt with Man Flu. I made him coffee and fed him choc covered snakes. We started watching a bit of The Shining but I flicked the channel after J left cause yo, creepy kid! I ain't watching that by myself! I am, though, intending to watch A Clockwork Orange tonight, since I've never seen it and that's a travesty. J is much cooler than me in film knowledge. *pouts* Must work on that.

2. Change is coming to the Last Short Story on Earth project. And that's cool.

3. I am still working on delegation. I keep forgetting to do it! Change is coming to ASif! And that's cool too.

4. I like coffee. I always have one now at work at 9am and then count down the minutes till I can have my second one at lunchtime.

5. I am going batty here at work due to the noise level and distractions as my colleague makes preparation for a workshop. You'd think noone ever had done this before and that it was the most important job EVA. I have shut my door, put loud music on - which is NOT conducive to thinking important, legalese type thoughts. I might go home to work this afternoon because I just cannot cope.

6. I am very very sore. I had a really hard pilates class AND training last night. I hurt everywhere.

7. I am going to have a tuna and cheese melted sandwich for lunch.

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