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Getting stuff done

I ended up working from home today because my car is in for repairs and the backup car (my sister's spare one - for sale and has been for a while) turned out to be unreliable.

My team leader was unimpressed that I didn't catch the bus in instead but frankly I couldn't face doing all that (we don't actually have a bus service to work) and then have to struggle through another day of trying to critically read AND have my officemate literally yelling things not 2m away from me. I nearly went to pieces last week with her, she was just out of line. Others mentioned it to her and I closed my door to make a point of how distracting she was. But none of it mattered and I got hardly anything done. I couldn't believe the difference - I started work at 8.30 and got so much done before mid morning. What a joy to think in silence! Sadly, I have a different car lined up for tomorrow.

I also did a bunch of things I have been putting up. Made several phonecalls - I hate making phonecalls. I really don't know why - I am fine when I do them but oh the internal drama to get myself to make them. I finally mustered up the courage to organise some workmen for some things that need to be done at my house. And the urgency was the booking them and not *when* they were booked *for* which mildly amused me.

And I set up my printer. No idea why that has taken a year to do. It works fine, needs more toner, but otherwise no dramas.

And I finally switched on messagebank on my phone - cause my answering machine takes messages but doesn't pass them along.

I really don't know why all these things were so *hard* to do. They each only took less than 5 minutes.
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