girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Much to do

I have so much to do, including getting up and making dinner for myself, yet I sit here sipping a glass of wine. Which admittedly does not totally suck.

And since the last post, I have had someone come over and quote for the jobs I have at home that need sorting. And I found the thing in pantry that *smells*. I thought I got it the other day, especially after practically cleaning out the whole cupboard but no, I missed a shelf. A crucial self as it happens. Sorted now though. Yay.

Feeling weird as my life is rapidly getting sorted. All my crafts are nearly organised. Most of my house is now tidy and uncluttered. And soon I think my owed reviews will start getting written. I even only have 248 shorts left to read for LSS 2008.

I soon will face my fear about what happens when you are on top of your life.

Every now and then I still catch myself putting off something (like picking something up and putting it away) so I have something to do later. I am weird.

Tags: stuff
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