girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

GUFF Is done and dusted

Well the results are in and Sue Ann and Trevor have won GUFF and will make the lucky voyage across the seas to Eastercon. I'd like to congratulate them and wish them all the very best. They will be awesome fandom representatives.

I'd also like to thank my nominators, the people who cast votes for me and also those who spoke out and said such lovely things about me. It's an honour to be amongst such awesome people and I appreciate all the love and support that you give me each and every day.

I'm so glad that I finally found a place in the world, in this community that I love so much and that I draw such energy and inspiration from. It's like finally coming home to your family.

And as such, can I say ... that I was very conflicted about GUFF because winning would mean I missed Swancon. And so for me, there was never a lose in this outcome. Win was to go and have fun and meet new people and lose was to stay at home and have fun and hang with people. And launch my first book with Tehani amongst our home crowd.

It's all good.

And it brings the possibility of World Fantasy Con back onto the table.

Oh, and girliecon at Swancon! Big pink drinks in celebration this year!!! (just need to find a room!)

Tags: girliecon, guff
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