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Aside from the news about GUFF, I also discovered there will be a reassesment of my rent here at home and I had a really crap cup of coffee (this is very important to me!) The very lovely punkrocker1991 offered a lift in and out of work tomorrow which is extra specially nice since I have an early start tomorrow which I would have struggled to get to. AND we are going to stop for Crazy Man coffee on the way in.

And I had my fortnightly massage at work today. She asked if she could go deeper, which was fine by me, and then informed me that my body was telling her to do so *shrug*. And then she told me that I was much more relaxed than the first time and thought that was because I was more comfortable. But I think it's because I have less stress - and we talked about that, and about how you can mediate that with your attitude. It turns out that she's a yoga instructor, which is cool. I'm really getting into that headspace and thought process. And then she found the tension in the back of my shoulder blades and I think she may have used her elbows and yes it hurt but geez it's awesome now! She declared war on my knots and it was totally fantastic! A better massage than the ones you get at day spas. I'm contemplating having her come to my place for a full hour instead of the twice-yearly day spa jaunt. I am always so disappointed with the lack of determination in the day spa massages. 'Cept I already kinda know what I want for my bday day spa excursion ...

hmmmm ... I had something else to say but I can't remember.
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