girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

up down, up down

I've been at work for nearly an hour already. This is actually a great shock to my system. I am, however, drinking a fantastic cup of coffee. I don't think I can ever go back to the coffee I used to drink before.

It occurs to me, after my sad post last night, that actually it's been a few days since I ate protein. That could, um, have been a factor! Will attempt to rectify that today.

Also, I am sitting on all kinds of news and announcements that aren't ready to be made. I hate it when other people blog that kind of stuff but there you go ...

The really weird thing is that we have almost locked down all our TPP projects for 2009. It's really weird. We will almost not be slushing next year. There's editing and layout and print deadlines. And the financials. But, pretty much, we know what all our projects are and look like. LSS is going to be streamlined a bit. I am thinking this will actually involve *more* reading for me and not *less* - as there will be less skimming and more time or enjoying the works that this year I am kinda skimming through this week, which I would have liked to have enjoyed. But mostly, I'm wondering just what projects I am going to spend my time on next year. I have some ideas ...

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