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Australian Politics

"Look I have nothing against gay people. This story has been set up by a
few extreme feminists who hate our guts,'' he told The Australian Online.",25197,24710485-2702,00.html

"If you are asking me if I hate homosexuals, I just think that's ridiculous," he said.

"People don't have to be... they can change. We've got a document we've put together with former gays and lesbians.

"But I am very passionate about marriage. Some of them were people who have come to us after that lifestyle."

He suggested lesbians may be women who are sexually abused by men and suffer a "gender wound" that triggers homosexuality.

This is from Mr Williams, president of the Lone Fathers Association, Kevin Rudd's men's health ambassador.

Marsh's group has a website <> where it has brought together people "who believe in the natural biological family. The best way to protect children is for children to be brought up by a loving mother and father who are married." On the site, you'll find a quite loathsome document <> called "21 Reasons Why Gender Matters".

The above is taken from an email sent to me from a Crikey article.

The more Kevin Rudd acts as Prime Minister the less I feel comfortable with the decisions and choices he makes. Yes, I know he is better than what we voted out but he is becoming more and more to be the Howard Lite to me. And it makes me sad.
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