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Actually? Believe it or not, I think the GUFF discussion is done. Hopefully everyone who wanted to weigh in and offer a perspective did so and I don't think that we all have to agree on stuff anyway. Thanks for commenting, if you did. I have walked away with a lot to think about.

So ahh ... yes. *whistle*

*bit of some soft shoe*

I'm actually going to start my campaign for Ditmar voting today: ROCK THE DITMAR VOTE! I think what we all learned from the US election was overkill ensures the right person wins. And ah ... yeah. I am about to shove 2008, the SF year that was, done your internets for the next however long it is till we vote. But just on Fridays. I expect it will be iterative as I know I will miss things that are eligible. Feel free to point them out. Feel free to tell me what else happened this year. I want to see the most diverse ballot we have ever had and get the biggest voter turnout ever as well and that means you should not be shy or bashful - if you think you did something that is eligible, email me! Or get your friend to email me! I will not disclose who made any of the suggestions that I will discuss here. I am far more interested in the rigour of coverage than on personal or special interests.

I'm going to start with some easy things first and then build up to the more difficult ones later on.
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