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Well it really is the ending of the year with all the rounding up of fiction, isn't it? Mirrordanse's Years Best of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 4 which covers 2007 material is up on their website.

We are very proud that Lucy Sussex's "Mist and Murder" from New Ceres Issue 2, winner of the Julius Vogel short story award, was reprinted. So too are we proud that Trent Jamieson's story "Cracks" from Shiny Issue 2 was reprinted and is described as "new weird" in the introduction.

The introduction mentions both Shiny and New Ceres:
Of the local e-zines, the new young adult e-zine, Shiny, was the most consistent, producing two strong issues, with standout stories by Sue Isle and Trent Jamieson. The same team at Twelfth Planet Press produced a single strong issue of New Ceres.

(I didn't send Bill the third issue in time because it didn't feature any Australian writers. I didn't realise till Conflux that he was actually a fan of the zine and corrected the matter promptly. There were three issues in 2007 and will be two in 2008.)

Also receiving recommendations in the reading list were:
Stephen Dedman's "Sufficiently Advanced", New Ceres Issue 2
Cat Sparks' "The Bride Price", New Ceres Issue 2
Sue Isle's "The Sun People", Shiny Issue 1

A good year for Twelfth Planet Press. But asides from that, it's a really great table of contents. Volume 4 gives a very strong and exciting overview of 2007 in Australian fiction. It's well worth a read.
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