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Other side of LSS reading

Ugh. I SO do not want to be doing that big reading thing at the end of 2009. I've done it for what? 3 years in a row now? It sucks so bad.

On the upside as we have been hinting at all over the place, we've shaken things up a bit at LSS and I think these changes should reenergise us and get things happenin'!! I hate sitting on exciting news!!! More on that in the next few days. We want to finish blogging 2008 first. But I think for me that's going to really force encourage me to read a lot more consistently through the year. Which has it's own pros and cons but mostly means less brokenated brain at the end of the year. Also, we'd be looking to finish up by Nov 1 with jonathanstrahan.

Which makes this an important place to say that publishing post a certain date in the year has its cons - you tend to miss the reading periods of years bests, review outlets and there is apparently a general lull, in small press at least, over the holiday period. So if you are intending to publish works late 2009, please consider forwarding the closest version to finished as you can to the LSS crew and/or jonathanstrahan as early as possible. It makes things *much* easier.

And that segues into a correction I need to make to the SF Novels category post for the Rock the Ditmar post last Friday. There's mismatches between the AA and the Ditmar cutoff periods due to the nature of each beast. And so I am removing Sean William's Cenotaxis from the eligibles list for novellas as it was considered by the Ditmars last year and was in fact on the short list because we included it in the Ditmar voting package. Isn't it good to start early!!

In other news, my inbox is back to overflowing again. It's at the 130 mark which is double where I like to be. Responses are sluggish but I am trying to get on top of it. But things snuck in over the weekend whilst I was head down in LSS work. Interesting things.
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