girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

argh time!!!

How is it 1045 already? I seriously only just finished dinner. Where the hell did the time go? It's speeding up right? It's not just me, yeah?

I finished work at 5. Sat in the car talking to J till halfpast. Went past the post office ang got talking there till just after 6. Popped past my mum's to discuss a couple of things. Was welcomed with "Thank Gpd! You got the telepathic message! Was hoping you'd pop in and give me a break!" I heard the tinkle tinkle of dog collar and looked down: "You again!" and the puppy was there as well as the other dog (my family is weird with dogs ok? My parents share a dog with my grandmother). So I had to puppy wrangle til my sister came back from the dentist (root canal! Poor thing!). Got home at 7.30ish. Sorted some ASif! stuff and then showered. Dinner! And it was 8.15. But how it got to be now, I don't know.

Had an awesome yoga class today. Very mellow with a 25 minute meditation to start with. Then lots of cool poses and in one, the instructor came and pushed me and I totally got my chest to lie on my thighs! Been working on that all year! So cool!

That's all. That and I brought home the frog CD so I can learn how to listen for South West WA frogs. I hate frogs but I am curious and it gets noisy at my house in the night and I wanna know which frogs they are!
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