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Finally. After calling it the New Ceres Anthology for like a year now, Tehani and I have finally settled on the title for the book -

New Ceres Nights will be launched at Swancon 2009.

And ... saucy by title, saucy by nature, I'm thinking that we will be having a swanky little launch for it so don't forget to pack something a bit dressy!!

The other fun thing going on with this project at the moment, apart from working through the final few submissions that are hanging around, is the art work. I've been a bit cheap on art but Tehani is passionate both about artwork and this project and has been pushing all along for a lot of artwork for this book. At the moment we are sorting through submissions as they come in for both cover art and internals and I must admit that I am getting quite excited about this project. I think it's going to be one that I am very proud of.

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