girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Oh Come on!

TEACHERS have been told to stop marking schoolchildren's work with red pen because it is an "aggressive" colour.

Queensland's Deputy Opposition Leader Mark McArdle told parliament today that teachers were being advised to reconsider their pen choice because it may offend children.,27574,24745013-421,00.html

It's offensive *because* it's grading you ie the *association*. Change the colour and it too will become offensive. How ridiculous! Shall we just not correct kids now if they are wrong for fear we will upset them? This is how Sarah Palin got to run for a job she was grossly underqualified for wasn't it - noone wanted to hurt her feelings by pointing it out.

Bring on mediocrity, I spose, with this kind of thinking.

Tags: current affairs, news
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