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Australian Writers to Watch

After we posted the LSS lists for 2007 I made a post with the writers I was going to look out for, I spose in 2008? I made it here - that's for accuracy because I listed:

Cat Sparks
Bren MacDibble
Trent Jamieson

And I think that was a pretty good call. Cat followed up her multidunious noms and AA sweeps last year with representation on this years AA shortlists. Trent is nominated in three categories this year. And Bren has an awesomely beautiful story in Shiny 4 - that's both SF and Fantasy and YA - tell me that's not hard to do!

So I've been thinking what my list would look like this year ... I'm gonna stick to newer talent because I already look forward to looking out for what bigger names are writing next.

Angela Slatter
Peter M Ball
Stephanie Campisi
Jason Fischer
Lyn Battersby

And it's getting harder since I'm in a position to be able to go and hassle writers I'm interested in and make em write stuff - I do it with Angela and Tansy and now I'm going to be doing it with Peter too (sequel, damnit!). And I also know what's waiting in the wings at TPP - like some interesting novellas, both by writers in the above list and others*. And at least one other interesting book idea that is also in the sort of works stage too.

*I got novella pitches coming out my ears at the moment!

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