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I think I lost $15 today. Literally.

I had a massage at work, was relaxed and got dressed, paid and was cleaning my glasses before I put them back on when the therapist handed me my change just as the left lens popped out of my glasses. And then I don't remember. I didn't put the change - 3 $5 notes - back in my purse but carried them and my purse back to my office as I was trying to fix my glasses. And I don't remember. How funny is that that not being able to see, removing just one of your senses, removes all of them. I couldn't see properly as I walked back and then I didn't manage to get the lens back in at the right angle so looking through my glasses was making me feel sick.

I had to go home and get a spare pair so I could work for the rest of the day and it wasn't till I was going home at the end of the day that I realised I have no memory of where I put the money. A frantic search has not located the money.

And I feel really really upset about it. And when I was thinking through the upset I realised that it wasn't the money - $15 is not *lots* of money, I can skip a coffee or a meal out or something to make it up. It was the feeling of not being in control, of not being able to see because my glasses were broken and then I couldn't do anything else in my day. I was literally helpless. I didn't like that feeling at all.
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