girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Light of day

Still ok. Promise.

Though the fact that my friends have been taking steps to close in around me is making me teary and feel very loved. I think I want to hide for a bit but I'm not really sure what that will mean since I'm already hiding at punkrocker1991's house tonight and editormum's on Sunday. Still, guaranteed to be happy if there are dogs and kids around.

Am in a very different place than the last two recent rounds of this. Is kind of weird. But also proof that I really have grown and changed. I am so much more than I was this time last year and really, I did ok then with it all, in the end. So I know I am going to be fine. Better than fine. I'm going to be awesome.

But I'm gonna take some time out I think. And be a bit selfish with it.
Tags: life, stuff
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