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ASif! Podcast

So the mysterious 4 hour skyping on Saturday night was in aid of a new episode of the ASif! Podcast. We'd been talking about getting round to recording a new episode for oooh about a year now? And finally we got our act together. And it was so much fun that we plan to do these once a month and have been working on our programming schedule. It was so much fun that it makes me want to do as much reading prep work as I can over the next month to make sure I can keep up and play!

What's not fun about this? I got together with kathrynlinge and we called cassiphone and random_alex and then we talked about the works of a favourite author of ours. For two hours! kathrynlinge is producing this one and is currently editing it down to one hour. We'd each read different combinations of this author's books so we have different combinations of the four of us talking together at different points in the hour. There are moments that are very reminiscent of The View where we talk over each other in our enthusiasm - we'll work on that with the next one. And the sound quality is rough. And my mum calls me in the middle. But we want them to sound as much like an ASif! Book Club as possible. And I think we do get there.

We discuss all sorts of things including the books, young adult fiction, my love life, feminism in science fiction, changes in sf magazine publishing, reprints, gender and colour in science fiction. We have challenged each other to go away and read female science fiction writers and come back to talk about them in a later issue. I learned so much from listening to the others and as usual, came away with a to read list longer than my arm. I am enthused to read the rest of the works that I still have to go by this author.

The podcast should be uploaded over the coming weekend, hopefully. I'll let you know all the details as they come to hand!
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