girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I'm BACK baby!

Heh. Earlier this year my sister and her husband bought a house. And they had to go on a budget. So there was much amusement and merriment over this fact. Then the bottom fell out of the world's finances and we got a ton of interest rate cuts and when we next saw my brother-in-law we asked him, how's the budget going and his reply was: "I'm BACK baby!"

So I've been stressing a bit cause I've had my own changes in finances with housing etc (And FOUR books for TPP). And so I've been talking a lot in person about budgeting and so on. I've been trying to balance my books for 2008 to figure out what I spent my money on to figure out what I think I can afford to spend money on in 2009 and what kind of budget I need to go on. Then I was out with my mum on the weekend and we were talking about some art or something that I wanted to buy and she was like, "but you're on a budget..." and I said, "Not with my promotion, I'm BACK baby!"

Heh, I think this is like some new family motto which my Dad will look at sternly and disapprovingly. Heh.

(And I'm still going on the budget! And continuing the yarn diet.)
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