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Christmas Rocks!

Today I got a fair bunch of loot - editormum, plus hubby and babes dropped past at work to say goodbye on their way to the airport. *sniff* And T and I exchanged Xmas prezzies (she got a belated bday one as well).

Check out the CHOCOLATE SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!! Combining my two true loves (and yay for me coming to here finally that I am totally cool blogging about my love of shoes!)! The funny thing is she said something about not needing to have to eat it all myself (hello?!) but it reminded me of the seminar we went to at work about personal and work development (that's for a different post later) where the example of having to eat a whole elephant as a task was given. I was joking with T about it - how I didn't cope well with the idea: how would I eat a whole elephant? It's so big, I am so small etc etc and T says - you eat it one bite at a time (which is of course the right answer - darnit!)

What else is in this pile? A gorgeous shower pack and pad for writing LISTS! Also from T! This gorgeous female bust (I have a few different ones already - I probably collect them *grins*. Goes well with a couple of craft projects coming up in 09) Also from T.

My package from the ASif! Fairy also came today. Behold a parcel of Tea Related Things! Am SO EXCITED!! I said I liked tea, which I do. I have a tonne of it at home. But I don't actually regularly drink it - kinda fell out of the habit as soon as my Crohns was good enough that I could drink coffee again. But I am totally going to spend my hols drinking gorgeous tea. It's on the list and I have paraphernalia.

And!! In the mail from a few days ago, a lovely bookmark made by the multidinously great cassiphone. Look! Can you see my shoe that she has transferred from my blog onto material and included it!!! Can you get more rockingly cool than that?!?!?!?! SQUEEEEEEEEEE

And my Mum bought me this lovely bag handle - it's an oldfashioned idea that I love - you hang the handle over a table edge and you can then hang your handbag off it. Like at weddings? When you don't know where to stash your bag and it ends up kicked way under the table and you have to grovel around on your hands and knees at the end of the night to find it? No more for me!!!

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