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I've taken a step back from blogging, you may have noticed :-)

It's been interesting - mostly I haven't had coherent progression of thought to post. I'm in a state of a combination of nothing going on and too many thoughts going on at once. But not blogging the process has been interesting. Mostly it's very quiet, which is odd and I guess a testament to how many lovely comments I get. Sometimes there's personal reflection. Lot's of time there is just quiet. And space for *doing things*. I am working a fair bit behind the scenes on things and trying to get my work done at work by tomorrow COB.

At the same time, I've kinda checked out and already gone on holidays. I needed to in order to have energy for work today and tomorrow. I feel empty of energy and creativity and thought and ideas and kinda hungry for mental stimulation. I'm inhaling media, I guess - TV, Film, Music, Art and Writing. Reading a lot. Watching a lot of TV. Just ... absorbing. And recharging. For my present to myself, I bought Season 6 (part 2 - grr! only realised when I got home!) Sopranos and Seasons 1 and 2 of Dexter. I took my Mum with me and she upgraded her DVD player cause she NEEEEDS a DivX so I snagged her old one for my bedroom. Am now enscounsed and crafting and watching stuff.

At the same time, I'm kinda uncomfortable with the set up - it's so much like back to my life in the final two years with the ex. Am I ... depressed? Getting depressed? Lazy? Missing him/the relationship? Is this just me? All these questions ... questions questions questions. Who am I? Where am I going? Is that where I want to be going? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do?

etc etc etc

I have some answers. Not all. I'll blog it all later.

Have a joyous festive season if I don't catch you beforehand!

Tags: new years resolutions, stuff, tv shows
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